Monday, March 28, 2016

Recharged & ready to roll...

& the journey began....
Went to New Orleans during spring break, took in the sites & the architecture...

Then boarded our hotel on water... 
 Ahhhh relaxed & recharged...

Nothing like a break to get the creative juices flowing.  My journal got a workout. 
First I need to answer the many messages in my inbox then I get to play.'s good to be home 😘

Sunday, March 13, 2016


This past two months have been a complete whirlwind.
Our last Jr high school musical is over.
Rehearsals, decorating the lobby, sign orders & life in general...we blinked & it was over.

The lobby was so much fun to decorate. My older daughter set the foundation for the design & we ran with it. 
Ariels grotto on one side

Prince Eric's ship in the middle 

Ursulas lair on the other side. 

& my younger daughter as Sebastian 
Now that is all over....working. Personalized Easter gifts 
& pi shirts 

Only 5 more days til total relaxation 😍🌴