Friday, October 5, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Redneck wine glasses with a twist...

I've been seeing these redneck wine glasses all over the place.
It's a mason jar glued to a candlestick.  I think they are a hoot but personally the mason jar is too big for my taste.  It makes the glass clumsy & I don't need any help that that department.

I decided to make my own using a recycled Better N' Peanut Butter jar.  I found candlesticks at the thrift store ($1.40 for both). 
I cleaned the candlesticks (removed the sharpie marker with nail polish remover) & added some seed beads in the center for a bit of whimsy.  I glued them together using E6000.  Once that was dry, I added some vinyl.  I also painted the lids with chalkboard paint.  Now these are some wine glasses that I have would actually use...
 My little tag line "far from ordinary" on the back of each glass.
While I was at Target, browsing through the Halloween stuff, I came across these skull tumblers. 
      I thought that they would make great wine glasses for the camper so I looked for black candlesticks.....Poof, wine glasses for the camper!

Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Halloween Book of Spells

I made this Book of Spells using a used box, paper bag, card stock, tape, vinyl & distressed ink.

1) paint the side of box black (no need to paint the whole box because it will be covered.

2) measure your box & cut a piece of the paper bag to cover (my piece was 13 x 10...the next step causes the paper to can always trim it later.

3) I crinkled the piece of paper bag into a ball, flatten it out & did it again, & again & again...until I got the desired effect I wanted.

4) Using your distressed ink, rub all over, don't forget the edges (these will be the edges of the book so you don't want to forget about them). I used three different colors, I like the depth of the weathered & worn look it gives.

5) Using double sided tape or glue (I used my ATG), attach the paper to the box.  I found that it was easy to do one side at a time.  If you do any trimming of the paper, please remember to distress the fresh edges.

6) Cut a piece of black card stock for the spine of the book.  I scored lines into my spine for a more realistic look.  Distress the card stock with ink.

7) Adhere to box.

8) Your box to book makeover is just about finished...all you have to do now is add the vinyl "Book of Spells."  You don't have to use vinyl, you could use letter stickers or you could even write it yourself.

Here are a few others that I have done with boxes that I had...cereal books work good too.