Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bad Blogger

I have been busy, or as I like to say, LIFE HAPPENED. 
Regardless of the spin I put on it, bottom line is I've been a bad blogger!
I really give credit to those who can update their blog daily. 
It's A LOT of work. 
 You have to come up with an idea, make the project, take pictures, edit the picture, make a journal entry about your project, proof read that & post...WOW, that was a mouth full!
I was so on the ball earlier this year, I discovered the "schedule" post settings on Blogspot. 
 That worked like a dream for awhile until I realized that I didn't keep up with it & my scheduled posts ran now I'm back to square one. 
Hopefully once school starts, I will be able to give my blog the attention it deserves!
Some days it seems as if my get up & go, got up & went!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chalkboard paint...ideas are endless

Last week, I had a light bulb moment as I was cleaning up my craft room. 
 I had a few items in my hands to be put away & almost dropped everything as I tripped over the can of chalkboard was like the moment chocolate met peanut butter!
I got to work immediately (craft room never got cleaned)...
 A dollar store composition book & 4 coats of chalkboard paint.  Once it was dry, I rubbbed a piece of chalk over it to "condition it" & draw away.  I used chalkboard markers on my daughters notebooks.

I have a "obsession" with mini albums.  I found these at the dollar store (yeah, I brought them all). 
My food journal could use a "makeover" I can change my motivational quotes as needed.

This is a plain tab divider from my planner that I use daily.  I wasn't sure how this was gonna work but had to try...used 3 coats of paint & it worked wonderfully.  Now I have a chalkboard tab divider for my quotes!

***Shhhhh,  I started to paint the back of my craft room door with chalkboard paint...I think I was getting a little carried away with what I could cover with chalkboard...can't wait to finish the door, it's gonna be fun to draw on when it's done!  I'll also post photos of all the other things I painted with chalkboard...oh mi!!!!***

*** I was pinning on pinterest yesterday & happened to come across a chalkboard composition book ...Great minds think a like!