Friday, February 24, 2012

St. Paddy's Day Doodle Decal

I had a different saying for this month about rainbows & gold but when I saw
this saying on the back of a pair of underwear, I instantly changed my mind! 
I get a kick out of looking in my rear view mirror &
see people giggling cause of the decals I put on my car. 
It's sorta like my pay-it-forward...
just one little smile can change any one's mood for the better.

Things have been crazy.
 I think I may have bit off more then I can chew & a few things had to be
overlooked (my blog being one of them)...

I will be MIA for a few days or weeks until I get a bit more organized.
I've added some classes to my workload as well as a remodel but I am still taking orders!
You can contact me via & you can still shop at both locations.
Have a goodie!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A wedding gift....

A friend of mine asked me if I could make her "something" for an upcoming wedding. 
She had nothing concrete in mind but several Bible verses that needed to be on it.
I love a good challenge. 
I tossed & turned ideas around in my head, made a few sketches & this is what I came up with.
I love how this came out...I see more of these in my future. 
Baby gifts, holiday's, birthday days, ahhhh, I love when an idea comes together!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

CKC & Accordion Album tutorial

OH BOY!!!!  I am so excited!
Creating Keepsakes Convention has been moved from Valley Forge to Lancaster - July 27-28 2012
This is perfect...I can camp & scrap at the same time!  What's even better...This year my girls are "of age" to crop with me!  Heaven to my ears...

I've taken quite a few classes in the past.  They give out a lot of PRODUCT!  I have bags full of extra goodies as well as bags of unfinished projects.  You see it's a class, 45 mins, an hour, but your actually doing hands on.  You are learning the technique, you are creating, some classes I finished & made more, other classes, not so much.  I have a cookie sheet calendar, yeah, not done.  I have photo collage on canvas, yeah, not done.  I have a 12 month mini scrap album, yeah, not done...oh & there is more.  I could be a finalist in the "not done" pageant it there was such a thing. 

Here is one of the projects that I did in fact finish, actually taught a person I THOUGHT I knew how to make, clearly huge, live & learn.  Just a thought, it is considered borrowed, if you PAID for the class?  hmmm just asking.....Anywho....

The class was sponsored & taught by The Paper Element (I have tried to find their website, no luck).
Project was called Time Flies Accordion Album. 

You need 2 12 x12 sheets of paper (one for the inside & 1/2 of one for the cover)

To make the Album - here are the instructions:
Step 1 - Cut 12x12 in half so you have 2 6x12 sheets of paper.
Step 2 - score the 2 6x12 sheets of paper every 4 inches.
Step 3 - fold on score lines to create accordion of 12 " strip & glue together
Step 4 - Embellishment...this is where your own creativity comes in to play...You have the base of the
            album...these are just things that I have done.
            Using patterned paper cut 3.5 x 5.5 to each of the accordion panels...alternate patterns.
            If you want to make pockets, cut 3x3 7/8 & adhere.  To make a tag, cut 3 x 5 3/8 - bend paper
            & cut corners....perfect quickie tag.  Staple Ribbon to top of tag.

To make the cover -
Step 1 - Cut 12 x12 in 1/2  so you have 2 6x12 sheets of paper...only need one 6x12
Step 2 - make score lines on these measurement lines 3 3/4", 4 1/4", 8 3/8" & 8 7/8"
Step 3 - Fold on scored lines & box will form, overlap the ends & glue.
            Optional...I used a small piece of leftover paper from the album & glued it to the bottom of the
                           cover so that the album wouldn't slide through...don't have to, it's just another option.
Step 4 - Embellish your cover.

Presto.....A clever accordion album.  Creative, quick....see why I love taken classes! Here are a few that I have finished....

My little dancers...awww they are so cute!

This was the actual one I made in the class.

Wildwood days....I have an album for every summer at the shore...Yeah, I'm blessed!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Marshmallow Pops & display box tutorial

My youngest came home from school on Friday saying that they were doing Valentines on Tuesday...I knew I was gonna make something - since these days are very few due to the ever changing FOOD policies at our school, I was jumping at the chance. 

Please note that I'm not the "need a pat on the back" kinda mom.  I make things cause I want to, not so people can "oou & ahhhh" over it.  I encourage my girls to make things on their own.  Of course, I'll give them supplies & offer my opinion, but that's it...HAND'S OFF!  I know you can relate to those "one uppers" in your kids school...the ones who's art class collage looks like an utter disaster but when they bring in there "take home" projects, they come back looking like something outta the Sistine Chapel.

Anywho, since I am not Martha Crocker (inside joke), I decided to pick something that my daughter enjoys, Marshmallow Pops!  She always get them at Gertude Hawk & they look simple...WRONG!
Who would have thought that marshmallows on a lollipop stick, dipped in melted chocolate & sprinkled with jimmies - could be such a MESS....hence no pictures!

All the energy & mess to make these pops, yeah, they were going on display.  Here is a quick way to make a original idea...wasn't borrowed (another inside joke.)
Trace floral brick on cardboard

Cut away the corners

using score pal, score folds & tape up sides

cut floral brick in half, I used my cricut spatula

cut your brown bag in half

fold bag around the box

Crease corners on a diagonal, do not cut away

fold into box & tape  

insert floral brick

punch & stamp tags for pops

presto...finished product!
Wow, I so do not belong in the kitchen...give me my power tools or my serger anyday....just please, keep me outta the kitchen!!!!! older daughter walks in on Monday & says, we are doing Valentines too...this is what she got!  Yeah, I owe her one!

Monday, February 13, 2012

What's your goal?

I am a visual person. 
I don't read instructions, I read the pictures. 
I don't read magazines, I glance at the photos, if the photo catches my eye, then I read the article. 

This sign is working wonders for me. 
It's clearly visual & states my GOAL for the month. 
For example, in the fall, I was running the bleachers, I wanted to run one more each time.
Another example, update my blog 3x per week...yeah that was last month.
I plan on adding hooks to the bottom of the sign with chalkboard tags so I can track how many
days that I have worked towards my goal. 
Only problem I got is, where do I hang it????

Friday, February 10, 2012

Two for the space of one....St. Paddy's Day & Easter Blocks

As I was making a few of my St. Paddy's Day decorations, I decided to slap on the reverse side...Happy Bunny day!
Now, I got two holidays on the same blocks...just flip them over for a whole new look!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personalized chalkboard clipboards = Communication wall

While I was at the local dollar store the other day, I stumbled upon these clipboards. 
These would make a great addition to my chalkboard info wall.
I painted them black, added chalkboard vinyl, personalized them & added a few ribbons.
 One for my singer...
& one for my Artist...
Then it realized that I needed two more...

Here is our communication wall.  I am a firm believer in "if it wasn't written down, it didn't happen."  If anyone needs anything, they can write it on the persons board.  They can also clip papers that need to  be signed, party invitations, phone messages, etc. ----->this should end the chance for any missing papers!  I am really excited about this...Another thing I can cross off my "want to complete" list.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kids in the kitchen...

My girlies have taken to love being in the kitchen (lord knows they don't get that from me).  If I make something for dinner & they aren't interested in eating it, they make something else.  At first, I wasn't too happy about it but after a few times I realized, they can cook, so why I am I doing it!  Their plan kinda back fired, no more asking me what's for dinner....or when they do, I simply reply "I don't know, whatcha makin?" 

I must give them credit, they are resourceful & creative little people.  This is something that they made the other day ----->
They made a brownie, cut it into rectangles, inserted popsicle sticks, dipped brownie into melted chocolate & then rolled it around in jimmies. They followed the recipe from this link .  These were incredible.  My girlies can cook for me anytime!

Friday, February 3, 2012

License plates

I think it's time for a license plate restyle.  I've had this one on for quite sometime.  Looks like I just added another job to my list...hmmm?

Here is one that made for my dear friend (one of the few pictures I remembered to take)...

I am outta ideas at the moment...(I know shocking!)  I will have to revisit this.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February's Doodle Decal is....

This month's doodle decal...I think it's great.  Gives me a chuckle every time I see it!