Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Checking in...

Well the summer is over (almost), kids are back in school & I am in disbelief!  I feel like I blinked & summer came & went.  However, as I have been corrected every time I say that to someone, I must have had a great one cause good times go by fast whereas bad times linger.  So I will take my "quick" summer & run with it. 

a few pictures for your enjoyment:

A picture from a she used a sign I had made.  Adorable! 

A few signs (I really need to get better at taking pics).  "I WANT MY MUMMY" signs are for my Sisters - our mom passed away 7 years ago last month & I saw this sign at a store so I had to LIFT the idea!   

Here is a picture frame that I had just laying around. I put a loose left sheet of paper under the glass & POOF...a wipe off board. 

Working on my Doodle Decal for this month & a few other FUN projects.