Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Mumblings

I'm sorry I have been MIA for awhile....LIFE HAPPENED.   
Went camping over Easter Weekend

Took My girls for a Mani & Pedi

Cousins!  Here is 8 of the 15 kids that went Camping. Amazing time, can't wait to do it again! They made a cool craft, did ceramics, had a easter egg hunt, scavenger hunt, fishing, lots of bike riding...let's just say we didn't hear the words "WE ARE BORED!"  And there was NO FIGHTING!!!  I know unbelieveable right!

 Team Mom Softball shirts that I made for me & my girlfriend.  Put our favorite #'s on the back...we look official now.  Now we just need it to STOP raining so that we can play some games & show off our cool shirts!

Working on Communion party (STILL).  This cake is SOOOO good!  Hmmm, I feel a craving coming on!

My Dad sold his house (my childhood home) today.  So sad.  Went there the other night with my BF, had a drink & reminisced about the memories that we made there.   Thank you Judy I needed that!  Here is my hand print that is in pantry.  20 years ago. 

A few special orders...see I was working. 

Off to finish Baptism invitations...