Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When will I see the sun again?

This weather is killing me. I am so ready for it to be over & it saddens me that there is still another month & 1/2 to go before the weather breaks.   So instead of falling into depression that it's FREEZING outside & I haven't seen the sun for days, I ordered my SEASONAL BEACH TAG for the summer.  Now that's something to be excited about.  Once I get it  I think I am just gonna wear it around & show it to people, I'll flip it around like it's my FBI badge--->  "I'm heading to the beach, see my tag"; "yeah I see the snow but I'm going to the beach."  Now there is a fantastic idea -  I'm going to make my own beach, gonna set my beach chair in my living room, turn the heat all the way up & put my bikini on with some sunscreen, lay a beach towel down, ya know set the scene.  What do you think the mailman will do if I open up the door in my bikini? Oh & I'll make sure that I flash him my beach tag!  He'll understand :)
Any who - I have been working a few orders I have that will be heading out the door.  I am really trying to get better with taking pics of all my goodies.  I love the saying about the shells in your pocket & sand in your shoes, what a great sign for a beach house.

***Oh thank you very much for all the emails I got regarding the tin pails, my daughter saw them & was smiling from ear to ear.  Her friends loved them too!  Looks like now I maybe in the party favor biz! ***

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tin Pail Party Favors

My Daughter asked me to make her party favors for her 10th birthday party.  Of course I would, then she proceeds to tell me what she wants...oh no, I've created a monster.  She seems to think that I can just "WHIP" these things up.  Thank goodness she forgot about making chocolate lollipops (She'll remember tomorrow.  "Oh sorry honey, they are already wrapped :)".  Here are a few of them.  Got more to finish.  ****However on a good note, I am getting rid of my old patterned paper, I am putting it through the shredder & using it as the base to fill the tin pails up with***
almost done :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Felt heart tutorial

I normally don't decorate for Valentines day but during my "couch time" I learned how to make felt roses.  I made a TON of them.  I've made headbands, adorable pony tail holders & added them to various projects I have made.  I was at AC MOORE & found a Foam heart, the light bulb went off.
Such an easy project to do, here are the steps.  You need 3 1/2 pieces of felt (.29/sheet), Foam heart (1.00), Ribbon (used l/o) & Glue gun with glue sticks (have on hand) - SCISSORS.

Cut felt sheet in half, then into quarters, continue to due so until you have 16 mini sheets of felt.
Clip the corners to make round edges.
using your scissors, cut felt pieces into spirals. make sure you leave a base.
next you want to roll the spiral onto it's self.
Using your glue gun carefully glue spiral to base.
there you have a little felt rose.
dont' get to excited you aren't done yet, you have to make alot of them - 3 1/2 sheets worth of felt.
once they are done, grab your foam heart & start gluing.  Starting at the edge.
Once the edge is done, start filling another row of roses.
Poof - your done.  Oops it appears I forgot to take a picture of me attaching the ribbon. Simple enough to explain without a visual...cut ribbon to desired length & hot glue to back.  For a more finished look, you can purchase another sheet of sheet & trace the foam heart in felt, cut out & hot glue to back.  This will cover up the ribbon.  

Hope you have as much fun as I did completing this project.  Get your kids involved, my girls loved doing this. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Time to reveal this month's Doodle Decal....
The cost is the $8.00 +shipping.  Please allow 1 week to complete & shipping time.  Thank you for a wonderful year & looking forward to an even better one this year.  Time is limited but I post more shortly.  I have many things in production, I just need to focus & finish them! 
Enjoy your day!